The Jp Shop services include but are not limited to general repairs, lift kits, gear changes, motor swaps/modifications, frame and body repair, transmission rebuilds, and clutch replacements..

If you do not see a service that you are interested in, please give us a call and we will see if we can help you out.

  • Lift Kits

    Our most popular modification is Suspension Lifts. There are many companies that make lift kits and we have installed most of them. Our favorite kits come from BDS Suspension, they come with a “No Fine Print” Lifetime Warranty and their ride quality is superior to most. If something breaks on or off road they stand behind their products 100% and so do we. We also install body lifts and leveling kits on all makes and models.

  • Wheel and Tire Services

    We can mount and balance almost any combination of wheels and tires. We work with several companies and we can have most wheels and/or tires delivered within 24 hours, some even same day. Our prices are very competitive and we can match most company’s prices, online and locally. You can also drop off your vehicle for alignment. We will check all of your steering/suspension components and take it to a neighboring shop for a computerized alignment. Give us a call for a free quote.

  • Lockers and Gear Changes

    When going with the bigger tires most time you will notice some power loss. The best way to regain that lost power is by changing the gear ratio in both axles. This is not a quick and easy job and requires the proper tools and knowledge, we possess both. It takes roughly 4 hours per axle to set up the gears correctly for proper wear.
    A very popular upgrade is adding lockers for better traction while driving off road. This can be done alone or along with a gear change. There are several types of lockers that can be used, if you let us know what you plan to use the vehicle for we can recommend the best option for your vehicle.

  • Frame Repairs

    With all of the salt and brine that they use around here the frames start to rust very easily. We have several methods of frame repair and we can also replace the entire frame. We prefer to cut out the rusted sections and weld new steel right into the frame section, very rarely do we just patch the frames by just welding a plate on top of the rusted out section. The other option is called a Safe-T-Cap which is a pre-made section of frame that gets welded over top of rusted sections; they are available for several of the trouble spots on vehicles.

  • General Repairs

    We not only do custom work we also do general repairs on all vehicles. Whether you need a new battery, brakes, a tune-up or just need to get your annual inspection, we can do it. Most repairs can be completed same day, we have several parts suppliers that deliver through out the day.

  • Oil Changes

    Our oil changes include changing the oil, installing a new filer, checking all fluids under the hood, inspection all belts and hosed, checking tire condition, adjusting tire pressure, greasing the chassis and inspection the brakes.